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Ordinary Effort

Any fair fly ball that could have been caught by an infielder with ordinary effort is covered by the rule, regardless of where the ball is caught. The ball need not be caught by an infielder, nor must it be caught in the infield. For example, if an infielder retreats to the outfield in an […]

Braves in Good Shape

that’s my official position as of right now… things are looking optimistically well.. this is very nice! EAST W L PCT GB Atlanta 54 38 .587 – NY Mets 49 43 .533 5 Philadelphia 48 44 .522 6 Florida 44 47 .484 9.5 Washington 40 52 .435 14 GO BRAVES preparing the tomahawk… Chief Noc-A-homer […]

NL East Loosens Up

Braves swept the Royals over the weekend and won 2/3 vs the Rays before that…. Standings looking good! EAST W L PCT GB HOME ROAD RS RA DIFF STRK L10 Atlanta 42 28 .600 – 24-7 18-21 344 277 +67 Won 5 8-2 NY Mets 39 30 .565 2.5 24-10 15-20 311 270 +41 Lost […]

J-Hey in Elite Company

Jason Heyward is 1 of 5 rookies in the last 25 years to have 10+ HR & 35+ RBI thru May 31st. As you can see, he has some pretty elite company. Also, I finally fixed my Flickr to Blog….

NL East Tightens Up!

Nearly June and we’ve got a super tight NL East. The way I like it. Almost. 3 Games separates the top from the bottom… this should be a good race down the line… EAST W L PCT GB Philadelphia 26 20 .565 – Atlanta 25 22 .532 1.5 NY Mets 25 23 .521 2 Florida […]

MLB 2010 Predictions

Even though the Yankees are most likely going to just win again…. Screw it, I’m going for it this time. American League ————— East champ: Yankees Central champ: Twins West champ: Angels Wild card: Red Sox MVP: Mark Teixeira Cy Young: Felix Hernandez Rookie of year: Austin Jackson Other Breakout player: Nelson Cruz, David Price […]

Go, go, MATSUI

With a purposeful grimace and a terrible sound He pulls the spitting high tension wires down Helpless people on subway trains Scream for God as he looks in on them He picks up a bus and he throws it back down As he wades through the buildings toward the center of town Oh, no, they […]

ortiz press conference

just watched the Papi press conference and found it very genuine and honest… ortiz admits he was careless with supplements and didn’t always know exactly what he was taking, but is adamant that he never purchased or used steroids. the whole thing sounds VERY frustrating from his side of the story, he hears he’s on […]

Frenchy vs Church

Over the Weekend comparison between Frenchy and Church… I guess Frenchy’s numbers overal are slightly better…. but in the end the Braves took 3 out of 4 and that’s all that matters. Francoeur (Now a Met) 3-15 3 rbi 2 k Church (Now a Brave) 2-8 2 runs 4 walks 1 k

Braves vs Sox, Fenway Pics

Braves lost 3-0 to the Red Sox [Boxscore]. The game was a great pitching matchup between Lowe and Beckett and it did not disappoint. Beckett pitched a complete game shutout and got the best of the Braves. The game was over in 2 hours and 15 minutes. We had great seats, (Section 34 Row 9) […]

Fenway Reprise.. Red Sox vs Braves Edition

so yeah.. going to FENWAY PAAAAAK for the second time this summer, first time to see a game… looking forward to it… the Red Sox will play the original team from Boston… the Beaneaters.. .in all there glory.. .Derek Lowe on the mound.. Chipper at Third.. McCann.. and the rest of the guys.. hey, watch […]

Braves and Mets in 2009

Braves scored 5 unearned runs last night to win the game. Lowe out pitches Santana even though Santana still didn’t earn any runs against. I still think Lowe was taken out early. Thank you Jose Reyes for booting a easy out to keep the Braves inning alive. Thank you to Manuel for leaving Feliciano in […]

Demonic Frenchy

MLB Predictions 2009

National League East champ: Braves Central champ: Cubs West champ: Dodgers Wild card: Mets Champion: Cubs Awards MVP: David Wright Cy Young: Tim Lincecum Rookie of year: Jordan Schafer Other Breakout player: Yunel Escobar Underrated player: Adrian Gonzalez Dark-horse team: Reds American League East champ: Yankees Central champ: Indians West champ: Angels Wild card: Rays […]

Pitchers & Catchers Eve

here is a poem by Lucas Brown, titled Twas the Night before Spring Training: Twas the night before Spring Training, when all through the clubhouse Not a creature was stirring, except the managers. The uniforms were hung in the lockers with care, In hopes that the season soon would be there. The rookies were nestled […]


This METS/BRAVES series must be real tough for you Mets fans out there to swallow. Game 9 tonight!

MLB 2008 Predictions

Alright, here are my picks for the season… AMERICAN LEAGUE East – Red Sox Central – Tigers West – Mariners Wild Card – Indians MVP – Alex Rodriguez, David Ortiz Cy Young – Justin Verlander, C.C. Sabathia Rookie of the Year – Joba Chamberlain, Jacoby Ellsbury NATIONAL LEAGUE East – Braves Central – Cubs West […]

My AXA League Keeper Team

I think I have a pretty good team, drafted a week ago sunday. I dropped Jay Bruce (my last pick) and replaced him for Adam Jones… I just see Jones contributing sooner than Bruce. My infield is solid. We were allowed to keep 10 players from the previous season. This is the league’s second year […]

Sign up now!

or MLB B-SMITH OPEN LEAGUE INVITE http://baseball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/b1 League ID#: 69036 Password: open DO IT! B SMITH HERE! SERVING UP ANOTHER PLATTER OF TODAYS HOT NEW THING! ITS MY OPEN LEAGUE! OPEN TO ALL! you are all welcome to join! first come first served great fun! great times! and more Baseball people heads up Sign up […]

Mitchell Report to be released @ 2pm

The big story of today will undoubtedly be the Mitchell Report this afternoon. Dozens of current and former players are expected to be named, and they won’t all be scrubs. Sources: Players, owners to share blame in Mitchell report By T.J. Quinn and Mark Fainaru-Wada ESPN.com Major League Baseball and the Players Association share the […]

The Amazings!

Cheers to blowing a 7 game lead with 2 weeks to go! see you on the golf course :)

Sweet Solice for 2bs.com


My MLB Keeper Team Update

My keeper team jumped up to first after months and months and months of holding onto third.. how you like them apples??…Trading away BONDERMAN for Teixeira was the biggest move I made this summer… This is the same team i traded away players like Otsuka for Willis then moved Willis and 2 others for Soriano. […]

Number 756

What should we do with Barry Bond’s 756 Home Run Ball?

Go Braves Go!

Okay, so recent history has gone better when I don’t post about this… but… I still have a tiny glimmer of hope left in the season. Mets are streaking downward and we start a big series with the Brewers tonight. Let’s go Braves! Kick it up a notch! 2007 National League Standings EAST W L […]